Friday, October 2, 2009

IKEA Purge...

Yet even more on IKEA...
Mel Magree did some serious research about IKEA following the account on this blog of my harrowing experience while attempting to put together an IKEA item. Realizing that I Kan't Envision Assembly might not be the correct acronym for IKEA–if indeed one exists– Mel unearthed the real story. You can read all about the real IKEA HERE on his blog. And... he also reports he still has some furniture purchased while in Sweden years ago. But I ask, did you have to put it together, Mel?

I did return the item to IKEA on Tuesday. It was nicely put together, back in its original box that is. I'm afraid I embarrassed my wife who gave me the dirtiest look as I tried to be funny with the clerk at the return desk and quipped that we were going upstairs to have some Swedish meatballs and if I threw up, I'd be back down to deal with her. We did enjoy delicious meatballs with Lingonberry preserves for lunch... without any complaints.


Mel said...

Hi, Jim,

Thanks for the plug for my blog.

Did we put our furniture together? You want me to remember from 35 years ago? I'm lucky to remember what I do have my four-year Swedish lesson.

Let's see. The drawer and cupboard sets we bought were free standing. It was up to us to lay a counter top across them; I don't remember any parts to fasten them in place.

I just checked the family memory source. She said that we had to put components together, but not really assemble anything.

Now if you want an assembly problem, you should see the bookcase we bought in Italy. It was a real pain to assemble and disassemble when we moved to and from Sweden. There was not enough clearance at the ceiling to get a normal screwdriver in to turn the tighteners.

Jim Heffernan said...

You must have some interesting furniture from around the world, Mel. We're leaning toward those pieces that are all put together, no assembly required.