Sunday, September 27, 2009

IKEA acronym solved....

IKEA.... I finally realized what those initials mean. (See previous e-mail)
I Kan't Envision Assembly
By George, I've got it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
I have heard about IKEA but have never been there.
Could the initials stand for:


Erick H

Mel said...

Hi, Jim,

As a former resident of Sweden and former customer of IKEA, you hit my curiosity nerve with your question. I'm surprised I never thought about the acronym when we lived in Sweden in 1970-1974; i knew a couple of others like NK and OK.

So off I went on a web search and wrote my own blog on what I found: "What does the acronym IKEA mean?"

BTW, thanks for the exercise in reading Swedish; jag har glömt så mycket (I have forgotten so much).

Jim Heffernan said...

Those initials make sense to me. If you do ever get to IKEA, you'll find they have some mighty fine Swedish meatballs with Ligonberry sauce in their cafeteria. Good food to lighten the load of frustrating attempts to put together the furniture. Nice hearing from you Erik.

You are a genius to find out what those initials really stand for... plus a whole lot more. A fun account of the famous IKEA. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Mel said...

Hi, Jim,

I'm not so much a genius as a sponge. I've been many places and am often very curious. If one lives in a country for four years, I would hope one would pick up some of the language.

If I'm such a genius, how come I had at least two typos in my post to a follow-up blog entry you wrote?

Jim Heffernan said...

Hey that's why they have copy desks at newspapers. Just consider yourself human.