Friday, January 9, 2015

Looking back... my 1949 JC Higgins

Looking back to 2014...
Jim Heffernan on his 1949 J. C. Higgins bike (October 2014)
As some of you know, I celebrated a monumental birthday in October of 2014. I and my Denfeld classmates all turned a magical age and we got together in September to have a 75th birthday party reunion. Fun! When my actual birthday rolled around in October, my family helped me celebrate also. They brought out my pristine 1949 J.C. Higgins bike from my youth and I posed on it for posterity. Up until we moved from our last home, I actually rode it around the neighborhood a bit. It was an original fat-tired bike. Now, of course, the tires of fat-tired bikes are even bigger. Since our move, the bike is in storage and only brought out of the cobwebs for special times... like this. So here I am pictured here on my old J.C. Higgins.

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