Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lost 50's found...

If you thought the fifties were lost, you'll be sure to find the fabulous fifties in a new historical documentary on WDSE~WRPT TV this Monday and Tuesday evenings.  You might even find me sharing a few of my recollections of the decade of my youth as well as shots of the gorgeous 57 Chev Bel Aire convertible owned my high school classmate, Walt Pietrowski... and a whole lot more. Check out the YouTube promo Here.

Lost 50s December 1 at 7pm on PBS NorthEncores December 2 at 7pm on 2nd Chance. What do you remember best about this feel-good decade? Maybe you think of your family’s first television set, riding in cool cars of the era, learning to “duck and cover” in school, or waving to Civil War veteran Albert Woolson in a parade? And whatever happened to the Northland’s Cold War-era missile bases, the stage where Bob Dylan watched Buddy Holly perform, or those iconic drive-ins? Find out as WDSE•WRPT revisits the Lost 50s. 

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