Saturday, June 23, 2012

Area floods national item....

It's not a good way for a city and the surrounding area to get publicity... but we're really making headlines nationally. Click HERE to see today's NY Times with the most recent national coverage of our devastating floods, now estimated at damage of around $100 million. Our community, like so many who have faced similar devastation, will be resilient in the rebuilding process... but not without a lot of support. Amazingly, Duluth is back to normal today, with most streets usable and tourists still flocking here. For those willing and able to volunteer to help, you can sign up with the United Way of Duluth, partnering with the City of Duluth, HERE.


Unknown said...

I really hope people still visit Duluth this summer and the tourist season isn't messed up.
Duluthians are tough - they'll get it fixed back up in no time!

Pat McClure

Jim Heffernan said...

Thanks, Pat.
We sure are encouraging everyone to keep summer visit plans alive. You can get around the city just fine and the tourist stops in town and up the North Shores seem able to do business as usual. There are a lot of people working hard to rebuild and help out. You're absolutely right.... we're a pretty tough bunch up here :-)