Monday, May 14, 2012

Duluth's Tycoons in New York Times

Heads up for those of you coming to Duluth this summer...

Tycoons, a new alehouse in downtown Duluth, recently opened its doors and provides good eating in a vintage Duluth atmosphere. Owners, Tim Nelson and Rod Raymond, worked hard to restore Duluth's Old City Hall (built in 1889) while modernizing it enough for today's restaurant fare.

Robert Lillegaard, Duluth writer and contributor to the Duluth Superior Magazine, does a nice job of highlighting this innovative restaurant in Sunday's New York Times (Travel section: Bites, Tycoons in Duluth Minnesota). Check out the Times piece and check out Tycoons!

Read the Times piece HERE and check out the Tycoons site HERE.


rock said...

Thanks Jim. Your support and all those seeking an authentic food and beer experience is appreciated!

Jim Heffernan said...

Rock: You're welcome. It's a great place!