Saturday, May 19, 2012

A & Dubs is back!

Hey... made it to A & Dubs (on Facebook) for the first time this season. Thanks to Perfect Duluth Day for the heads up notifying readers that they're open for the season. I had my usual frosty mug of root beer with my charburger and fries. The car hops continue to be fantastic and the food continues to please. Let summer begin!

For some history, just in case you're not in tune with Duluth's old time drive in, I'll reprint my comment on Perfect Duluth Day: For those who don’t recall (or know),  A & Dubs opened as an A & W on that very site shortly after World War II, probably about 1947. My older brother worked there when it first opened, but he quit after about a week because our parents didn’t want him, just starting high school, to work until 2 a.m., when the drive-in closed in those days. Ten years later, when I was in high school (Denfeld), it was an in-season social center for kids from West End and West Duluth. I believe there was one drive-in in Duluth before A & W. If memory serves (and it so often doesn’t), it was on the lower side of Grand around 42nd Avenue West. Didn’t last long.

And to let you know... We're taking a short vacation to parts far away so check back again later as I'm sure I'll have some things to say about my travels.


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