Sunday, June 5, 2011

Enger Tower: Duluth's landmark is lit again

Enger Tower–Duluth, Minnesota
Enger Tower, Duluth's famous landmark, is lit again! (See the picture of the tower lit up and check out more information about the event HERE in Saturday's Duluth News Tribune story.)  The famous hilltop beacon of Duluth has been undergoing a three month renovation that includes its sprucing up and some safety improvements. Friday night was the unveiling of the Rotary Club 25 of Duluth's project to light the tower with LED lights to once again shine on our hillside. The lights went on at 10:10 pm on Friday night and we headed out to see it, also driving around town to witness that mighty Duluth beacon all lit up on our hilltop. Very exciting to see it lit once again! The renovations by the City of Duluth are in preparation for the October 17 visit by Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja. Some of you may remember my post (Happy Birthday Enger Tower–link to it HERE) in June of 2009 when I happened to climb the tower on the very day of the 70th anniversary (June 15, 1939) of its dedication by Norway's Crown Prince Olav V and Princess Martha.

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