Sunday, June 12, 2011

Duluth's West End history....

St. Clement's School and Church is pictured above.
In the background is the first St. Mary's Hospital,
which later became St. Ann's Home for the Aged.
  Photo courtesy of St. Scholastica Monastery
Many of you readers with an interest in Duluth's history will enjoy viewing the 38 minute video, Early Days of West End/Lincoln Park. This Vimeo/video was researched, written and produced by Duluthian Wendy Grethen who received funding for her project through the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.  Grethen is a community advocate and local filmmaker.

The video includes interviews with seven locals having long-time personal and business connections to Duluth's West End (now known as Lincoln Park). Their interviews–as well as old and new photos–are interspersed with a narrative history and music to learn about Duluth's West End beginnings. Those beginnings are told through the lens of area churches, schools, businesses, recreations services and through a progression of changes.

Plans are being made to show the film at the Movies in the Park in Lincoln Park this August and you may also view the Vimeo video HERE on this link.


Firebottle3 said...

I watched that a few weeks ago, very interesting. I grew up at 2726 w. michigan st. Joined the Navy in 1960, came back home in 1964 and there was a post office distribution center in that area. All the homes were gone.

Hotter tahn you know where this summer, no rain and dead grass everywhere. Orange Beach is the same.

Keep cool.

Jim Heffernan said...

Firebottle3: Yup, lots of changes in the West End that we knew in earlier years. Went to Lincoln and Denfeld with a lot of kids who grew up in your old neighborhood. My father lived down there in his childhood at the turn of the 20th century, and always called it Slabtown due to the many lumber companies lining the waterfront. Urban renewal cleared it all out in the early '60s, as you know, and as a young newspaper reporter I "covered" the Clyde Beatty Circus on the site just before they built the main post office there. -- Jim