Sunday, July 25, 2010

Many noses out of join over Clinton nuptials...

By Jim Heffernan

By now I guess I have to face up to the fact that I will not be invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding next Saturday (July 31). You’d think I’d have received the invitation by now.

Not that I’m feeling hurt, or left out, mind you. Of course I voted for her father, Bill, twice and I would gladly have voted for her mother, Hillary, for president if she had been nominated. Guess that wasn’t enough to wrangle an invitation.

Still, having married off a couple of my own kids, I know what the Clintons are going through developing their short-list of, the news reports report, 400 guests. That’s considered small by their standards, but it sounds pretty big to me.

Agreeing on an invitation list is one of the most trying aspects of planning a wedding. People you have always liked but don’t see much of have to be chopped in favor of people you see more of but don’t like as well.

Arbitrary after arbitrary decision must be made as you sit with your list (remember, the other family has its list too) drawing lines through names of people you know would love to be included. Well, at least the distaff half of a potential couple would love it. Sexist though it might sound, men are not THAT nuts about weddings, preferring instead a round of, say, golf on a bright sunshiny June afternoon. Go figure.

On Saturday (June 24) the New York Times (click HERE to read the story) reported that many, many people who have supported the Clintons politically over the years are not invited and some of their noses are out of joint. The story used those words – noses out of joint.

Mine is not. I remain content with the memory of receiving Christmas cards from Hubert Humphrey when he was vice president of the United States. I wonder what I did with them.

I just hope, for everyone’s sake on the front lines of the Clinton wedding, that they remember to invite Marc Mezvinsky. I know, I know, you’ve never heard of him. He’s the groom.

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