Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duluth's Tall Ships: Johnny Depp and more lore of the Bounty II

The nine Tall Ships currently in our Duluth Harbor have caused quite a flurry of activity in our town.

Everyone who lives here–and tons of tourists–have populated the Canal Park and harbor area just to see the ships. And no one is disappointed. It's festive and fun for everyone. While we only had three ships in port during the last Tall Ship event in Duluth, we now have nine vessels docked in the harbor. The crowds are big and everyone has a better shot at touring and seeing the ships with nine of them here.

One ship, however, has become the most popular, with long waiting lines to get on board. The popular Bounty II is the one everyone wants to see. It's a movie star, with Brando's "Mutiny on the Bounty" as it's first performance and many more recent roles, including Johnny Depp's pirate ship in those films. Guess there is a Johnny Depp look alike on board this visiting Bounty and he's causing quite a stir.

You can read more about the Bounty II history and learn more of its lore by checking out the link to today's  Duluth News Tribune site HERE.

And... if you want to pay $150 a night per person, you can travel with the crew as they complete their Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge by checking the Bounty site schedule for openings HERE.

The other ships also will book passage and you can check the Visit Duluth site HERE to learn more about those sailing experiences as well as catch all the updates on Tall Ships Duluth 2010 Festival.

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