Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newspaper industry is a changing...

I guess I got out of the newspaper industry in the nick of time. I left when the Duluth News Tribune was under Knight Ridder and patterned itself in the tradition of the standard newspapers of it's day. When I was asked to continue my column at the DNT following my retirement as editorial page associate there in 2005, I did so under Knight Ridder and later continued through Forum Communications. My column was cut in June of 2008 and the changes at the DNT have have been monumental ever since. The whole industry is changing by the minute and now it's reported that some of the top people at the DNT are out of there. I hear too that 100 jobs in the copy desk and other departments are eliminated at the Strib (Minneapolis Star Tribune). All over the nation, these changes are happening. Click HERE for David Brauer (the Braublog) at report on the DNT changes.

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