Sunday, January 31, 2010

Historical look at Duluth's Enger Tower...

Local publisher and author, Tony Dierckins, wrote a piece in today's Duluth News Tribune that provides a nice historical background of Duluth's famed landmark, Enger Tower. Enger Tower sets prominently on the hilltop of Enger Park and often is compared to San Francisco's hilltop landmark. Enger Tower, as you may know, is set for some major repairs that will involve closing the tower during renovation. Te read Dierckin's piece, click HERE.  

"While financial times are tough, it will be well worth a community investment to restore Enger Tower to its original glory. The tower will continue to stand as a reminder of our heritage, for Duluth is a city built on the sweat of its immigrant laborers, and our park system was developed for all of its citizens to enjoy."  Tony Dierckins 

Dierckin's X-Communications publishing house was the original publisher of my book, Cooler Near the Lake, and lis known for publishing works about area history.


Unknown said...


You are truly a treasure of the north. When I look at the counter on your site and see that you have had only 10,588 visitors, I think, "Have people taken leave of their senses?" (I should know when they have since I've been a psychologist for 20 years). When will people learn that they can get great things for free....

Thanks for continuing to write,
Ray Knutson

Jim Heffernan said...

Hello, Ray... Thanks for one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. Makes my small efforts worthwhile. My wife -- our family IT specialist -- tells me that at some point she had to adjust the counter so that 10K figure might not exactly portray the hits.

I know yours was counted, though, and it counts with me as a very gratifying compliment. Thanks again.