Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation rental horror stories...

We rented three adjoining cabins on a Wisconsin Lake with our adult kids and their families a couple of weeks ago. The lake was gorgeous and our accommodations were very nice. We had a wonderful summer week with all the family. A few years ago, my wife and I traveled to the Canadian Rockies by car and ended up with some very nice places to stay. One motel on the way, however, was a different story. While the surface looked great in a Canadian motel where we stopped for the night (it was one with a major brand name), the "under the surface" was bug infested, including the beds. We ended up calling the management before midnight, getting our money back and headed to a very clean and nice motel down the street. Vacation rentals can be iffy. Just to make you feel better, you can read a fun account of "Summer House Horrors: On a Private Lake in Maine, No One Can Hear You Scream" in yesterday's NY Times. Yikes!

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