Sunday, July 5, 2009

Minnesota's odd politics...

"In Minnesota, there is a kind of populist approach that is less progressive than a reflex, a notion that politics belongs to citizens, and politicians only rent their positions."
By David Carr (Independence Day: Al Franken and the Odd Politics of Minnesota, NY Times, published July 4, 2009)

Former Minnesotan and NY Times journalist, David Carr, highlights Al Franken's Independence Day as the new senator from Minnesota and spins a most interesting commentary on the odd politics of Minnesota. We in Minnesota have higher than average turnout at the voting polls and we don't elect just any ordinary politicians either.

No matter the color of your political persuasion, you'll enjoy Carr's commentary about our state's odd history of politics. Click HERE to read his writing appearing in today's NY Times.


Anonymous said...

We're just too darn MN nice.

Jim Heffernan said...

Yup, we do our best to get to the polls and we think carefully about how we vote. We also are known to elect unique politicians. Minnesotans are not only nice but independent thinkers!