Thursday, August 5, 2021

Shelter in Place: poetry for our new reality...

Our friend and St. Paul resident, Stan Kusunoki, did it again! His poetry captured real life through the eyes of a devoted teacher in two previous books of poetry we've enjoyed (Items in the News & 180 Days: Reflections & Observations of a Teacher). His newest book of poetry, Shelter in Place, promises to provide thoughtful insights as a devoted teacher while facing our new reality of Covid. We don't have to have professional experiences in the classroom to relate to the feelings and real life scenarios Stan presents through poetry.

We are looking forward to reading Stan's poignant insights in Shelter in Place and hope you too will explore our "new Covid reality" through the eyes of this most talented poet and teacher.

 Kudos to words of poetry and to Stan, a most talented poet!

Jim & Voula Heffernan 

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