Thursday, July 17, 2014

Duluth Playhouse "Les Mis" Shouldn't be missed

“Les Mis” shouldn’t be missed...

The current Duluth Playhouse production of “Les Miserables” is an incredible show. Absolutely flawless. Everybody with a part can sing, can act, can move around smoothly, even dance, accompanied by a huge pit orchestra of symphony members and backed by an exuberant chorus.  I’ve Never seen anything like it locally and I spent nearly 10 years as the theater reviewer for the Duluth newspaper.

Honestly, you could take the whole production intact, drop it into a Broadway theater, and audiences would give standing ovations, as Duluth's audience did on opening night -- jumping to their feet at the end. Some solos sung in the middle of the show stopped the show in its tracks with the audience clapping and hooting. I’ve never seen anything like it. It might be the most thrilling night I've ever spent in a live theater.

It opened Wednesday, July 16, in Symphony Hall of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. It runs through Saturday, July 19. Go. Jim Heffernan

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