Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Denfeld Hall of Fame...

Denfeld Hall of Fame to induct 12 new members...

I'm proud to be a graduate of Duluth Denfeld High School and especially proud to be inducted into the Denfeld Hall of Fame this August 2nd. I'm very privileged to be in the company of 11 distinguished alumni and a teacher also being bestowed this honor that day.

We will be inducted officially into Denfeld's Hall of Fame at a ceremony open to the public in the Denfeld High School Auditorium on Saturday August 2nd at 1pm.

The 12 inductees include me ('57) and the following outstanding Denfeld graduates and teacher: Bob Lund ('38), Major General Wayne Gatlin ('42), Howard Sivertson ('47), Professor Ted Litman ('50), Professor James Banovetz ('55), Jack Puglisi ('60), Betty Suliin ('62), Dave Hicks ('63), Fred Friedman ('65), Janee Harteau ('82), Jean Endrizi (Denfeld teacher).

Check out Howie Blog HERE for  more information about the inductees. More information to come.

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