Saturday, March 15, 2014

There's no place like home...

Heading back form the mailbox to get my morning newspapers
Hi everyone,
Bet you've wondered what's happened to me this past month.

As you know, we spent a month or so down in Orange Beach, Alabama enjoying a nice getaway from the tough winter in Duluth. We enjoyed our digs down there and the fantastic Gulf beach we faced ... but had very poor internet service almost the whole time. It was hard to send anything off for the blog... so just did the writing with deadlines and let the blog go. As it happened, a new internet provider fixed the issue right before we left.

While we had no problem driving down to our winter vacation spot, we sure had a harrowing drive back home. I'll have to write about that later... some once-in-a-lifetime experiences for me!

Yes, we brought the nice weather back home and the temps have been warmer so that the white stuff is melting fast. But, as the photo attached demonstrates, we have a very long way to go up here at our home before our snow goes away for good.

Despite all the snow, it's nice to be home. It's pretty out there; I'll give it that.

Stay tuned...

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