Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beautiful Duluth Minnesota...

Duluth lights from Park Point vantage

Duluthians have survived a long heat spell and a flood... and yet we continue to be wowed by the beauty of our city and area. Of course, we know the tourists love Duluth too. It's a beautiful town, adorned by rustic vistas up Lake Superior's North Shore as well.

Included here are some fantastic photos by local photographer, Travis Chadwick, that show off the beauty of our area. Travis, the son of a family friend, is becoming well known locally as a photographer.

These photos are from his Cityscapes group and on his web site at, where more of the beauty of Duluth, Superior and surrounding area is captured. Enjoy!
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridg  
Moon over Aerial Lift Bridge
Center of the Blatnik Bridge
Duluth Lakewalk, looking toward the Fitgers complex and Canal Park

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