Tuesday, September 21, 2010

W. P. and R. S. Mars Company: MN Nice hits NY City...

A NY City boy's love of Twix bars finds compassion in MN

Duluth – well, a long-standing Duluth company – got some favorable mention in the New York Times on Monday.

Each Monday, the Times publishes a feature called “Metropolitan Diary” in which New Yorkers describe personal experiences reflecting city life. The item relating to Duluth doesn’t mention Duluth but cites the W.P. & R.S. Mars Co. (link HERE), the venerable industrial supply firm with headquarters here.

It’s a real “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” type of story involving Twix bars, a little boy in NY City and a hand-written letter from a warm-hearted W. P. & R. S. Mars employee. But let’s allow the NY Times Metropolitan Diary tell the tale. Click HERE to read the story.


Firebottle3 said...

Hi Jim,

Wow, that name brings back old memories. They were located on Lake Ave. South for many years. I didn't realize that they were still in business. They must have been doing something right all these years to survive.

Jim Heffernan said...

Hi...Yup, the Mars Co. has been going strong for many years. They left Lake Avenue South many years ago and built a building on 27th Avenue West which they have also long-since left, turning it over to the Salvation Army which uses it as a citadel. They now have a newer building located in W. Duluth. They have a strong presence on the Range and also in the Twin Cities in industrial equipment. My impression is that the business is thriving with the younger generation taking over. I know Bob Mars pretty well; his father was one of the founders. R.P., I think. Always good to hear from you. -- Jim