Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Saving the NorShor: my letter to the editor....

I just had to respond to the writer of a letter to the editor in a recent Duluth News Tribune edition when the writer called the NorShor a pink elephant and criticized the City of Duluth for buying this vintage theater. My letter to the editor appearing in today's Duluth News Tribune is reprinted below:

"The writer of the May 3 letter, “NorShor another pink elephant for Duluth,” concerning the city’s plan to purchase the deteriorating landmark downtown theater, stated, “The city needs to hear loudly and clearly everyone’s dissatisfaction with this purchase.”

Well, not quite everyone is dissatisfied. I’m not. For nearly three decades, we have watched the NorShor slowly decline both in its physical plant and its uses, culminating in its current role as a strip joint. This beautiful, once-proud theater in the heart of the city’s burgeoning arts district had two fates facing it: further deterioration followed by inevitable bulldozing or having the city step in and save it with the same sensible tax increment financing that has been used with great success elsewhere, including much of Canal Park’s commercial development.

I applaud Mayor Don Ness for his leadership on this issue; there was at least some political risk if the May 3 letter writer was anywhere near correct in saying “everyone” is dissatisfied with the city’s plan to save the NorShor. I don’t think that assessment was correct. Everyone I talk with about it seems relieved the NorShor will be saved."
Jim Heffernan

Click HERE for the link to the letter in today's Duluth News Tribune

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