Tuesday, February 9, 2010

winter in Duluth....

Our son sent us a picture of our home just now. We've been vacationing in the Gulf for about a week in our longish winter vacation and it was a stark reminder that winter exists. It's been chilly here in the panhandle of Florida/Gulf Shores of AL... but I guess we don't have snow! Sorry to see Janna's Market and some other business down here no longer in business. Change happens. More from vacationland another time. Until then, stay warm everyone!


Firebottle3 said...

You seem to have arrived just in time for some more of that "white stuff."

Janna's closed in December, along with others. The winter population and declining economy were a double edged sword of death to many small businesses. It should warm up next week and you can get your shorts and t-shirts back out again!

This has been the coldest winter in many years, fortunately it doesn't last for very long.

Try Cosmo's one evening for a nice dinner. Or, Perdido Oyster House in Perdido Key for lunch.

Jim Heffernan said...

Hello...We were sorry to see the nice people at Janna's Market go out of business. Economy's been tough on a lot of people. Thanx for the restaurant recommendations.

Yup, weather leaves much to be desired. You're in Biloxi, right? Same over there. We didn't see snow, but you apparently didn't have to go very far north to encounter it. Bring on the spring.

Good to hear from you again.


Firebottle3 said...

Ah, bright and sunny supposed to be 67 today......close on Biloxi, actually Gulfport which is to Biloxi like Hermantown is to Duluth. Unless you know where the dividing line is you could be in either city.

I hope it warms up nicely for you and your wife so you can thaw out.