Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reader Troubles...


This is a note from Jim's techie wife...

Well, I'm really not a techie. It's just that I help with that part of doing Jim's blog. Neither of us are very adept at this. Jim likes to write and I like to help him get his writing "out there."

If you use a reader program (like Google Reader) to read Jim's blog and are not getting updated writings, please let us know.

We subscribe to "Google Reader" and read our favorite blogs that way. We know a number of you also do the same with Google Reader or another form of a Reader program. We are noticing that ever since I plunged into using Feedburner to try to understand more about Jim's Blog and its readers, the Google Reader we use is not updating his blog material. (The latest post on the old Pontiac retiring is the post that does not appear no matter what I've tried.)

Are you having any trouble with accessing Jim's newest post updates on your reader program? If you are, let us know. If you're not, but have some good tips to help a tired brain, please pass them on.

Hey, it's been nice to visit out loud. Happy blogging!
Voula (not Blanche) Heffernan

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