Sunday, January 25, 2009

More on the Winter Dance Party in Duluth

A great story in today's Duluth News Tribune by Kevin Pates, DNT sports writer and pop culture aficionado, tells more about Buddy Holly and the Winter Dance Party. He interviews Lew Latto, a friend from my youth who was then a popular young DJ and was the promoter and MC of the Duluth Armory event. Kevin does just a great job of pulling together the aura of that event as it was then and is today. The DNT web site also includes links to great pictures discovered by locals attending the event and a bit more about the armory, those who follow the road of "The Party" each year, and more. Kevin, as usual, creates a story that is well worth reading. Check it out...  

Also if you missed Kevin's annual year end column in the DNT, you can find it on his Rink and Run blog where he makes reference to the Winter Dance Party and me. 

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