Monday, May 4, 2015

More about obits and fun homes in Duluth...

Since my last post here looked back on the old "art" of writing obits as a journalist, I thought you might enjoy more on the topic and check out my contribution today on Zenith City Online.
A new Broadway musical called “Fun Home” recently received a casket full of Tony nominations. The title is short for “funeral home” and reading about it caused me to reflect on Duluth’s not-so-fun homes, a part of our history that touches all of our lives at one time or another, especially at the end. (Quoted from "A Mostly Western Undertaking," with my byline, on Zenith City Online.)
The former Olson Funeral Home in the West End, aka “Lincoln Park”.
(Image: Zenith City Press)
At left is the former Fred Olson Mortuary in Duluth's Lincoln Park (formerly West End) where my parents and many of my family end-of-life visitations were held. Check out the post and read more about looking back on Duluth's funeral homes HERE on ZCO. And... explore the new format of this fantastic website that celebrates historic Duluth and surrounding area.

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