Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Duluth's First 'Saltie' Arrives...

For all you lovers of our Lake Superior port, you're likely aware that the Port of Duluth not only sees lots of ore carriers and fresh water vessels entering its harbor, but also welcomes many ocean-going vessels as well. Yesterday marked the arrival of the shipping season's first "saltie," about a month early this year.

"Saltie" does not refer to the stuff your doctor tells you to stay away from. It refers to the ocean going vessels who begin their journey at the Atlantic Ocean and travel through the Great Lakes to our Lake Superior port city of Duluth. The ocean-going ship, the Kom, passed through the  the fully raised Aerial Lift Bridge and the canal to enter the Duluth Harbor at about noon yesterday, April 13.

It's always exciting to mark the beginning of the shipping season and especially exciting to see those big "salties" grace our harbor. It's a sure sign of spring in Duluth. You can see the video of the Kom traveling through the canal at the Duluth News Tribune web site HERE. And you can read more about it at Minnesota Public Radio HERE.

Taken from Great-lakes.net.
And, yes, I'm back home in Duluth from our southerly winter vacation. Stay tuned... I promise to write more very soon.

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