Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last run on Duluth News Tribune Press...

Here's a fascinating You Tube video of the January 18th final run for the last press to put out the Duluth News Tribune while I worked there. (See it HERE.) My memory is vague but I think this one was purchased from Houston many years ago (around 25 years ago) and upgraded a few times. When I started work in 1963 an older press was running and that lasted a good 10-15 years before this press replaced it. My understanding is that there will no longer be a downtown press running, with a new press and system operating out of an Air Park.


Mel said...

Hi, Jim,

Thanks for posting the YouTube of the last downtown press run. It was fascinating to see all that goes into getting out the paper copy. I thought of two things when watching it.

One, by moving to AirPark, how many who depended on a bus to work will be affected.

Two, we gave up on the paper copy and now read the Olive online edition. But the quality of the paper edition exceeds that of the Olive edition. Pages that don't appear right away, garbled expanded pages, and inconsistent expansion from one day to the next.

Jim Heffernan said...

Hi Mel, You're so right.. so many changes in the newspaper industry that impact us all in so many ways, not all for the good. Thanks for sharing your astute insights.