Friday, November 8, 2013

Heffernans in Cork

Heffernan's Travel in Cork, Ireland
The surname of Heffernan is apparently quite evident throughout all of Ireland. We received a photo–taken a few years ago by a traveling friend–of a fairly famous bar, Heffernan Wine and Spirits, in Wexford Ireland and just today received another photo of a Heffernan business, Heffernan's Travel, in Cork Ireland from another Irish traveler. Our son and his wife visited Ireland a few years ago and he was greeted warmly by the Irish when they heard his name. While my own heritage is mixed, with more Swede in me than anything, I do have an Irish surname and have Irish roots in Cork and Tipperary on my dad's side. He was the fourth-born of James H. and Christine Heffernan’s five children. My Irish paternal grandfather had come to Duluth in the 1880s from Walkerton, Ontario, where he was born in 1855. He met and married Christine Hansen, a native of Germany, in Duluth. My wife attempted a cursory ancestry research with my surname and quickly gave up when she became overwhelmed by the numbers of Heffernans in Canada and everywhere. So if you have some Irish descent and the name of Heffernan, just know that we could be related... or maybe not.
Heffernan Bar in Wexford Ireland

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