Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Corner grocery store revisited...

Some readers who also follow my remembrances of growing up in Duluth's West End on Zenith City Online recall my column there about the old corner grocery stores of Duluth's West End's (read it HERE.)

The Duluth Public Library reference web site (see it HERE) just posted about those old corner grocery stores throughout the city. Of course, most of those stores are now gone–replaced by big super markets located far from the old neighborhoods.

Interestingly, Duluth's West End/Lincoln Park neighborhood is now considered a “food desert” because low-income residents without transportation do not have close-by neighborhood stores to buy healthy food any longer. There’s something to the value of the old corner stores!  

A lot of readers of the ZCO commented with their memories of those old stores. Do you have any memories to share? 

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