Saturday, October 20, 2012

Writing for fun is my mantra...

I guess I've been doing lots of other writing but still have itchy fingers to get in a few more musings here on the blog soon. So please stay tuned...

In the meantime, I know some of you readers who love Duluth and and its history surely must be linking to the new Zenith City Online. It's chock full of Duluth information and history. As you know, I've been writing a monthly column on that web site site as well as my in-print Duluth Superior Magazine columns–and some on-line writing with DSM as well.

I get a lot of comments from readers who grew up in Duluth or have Duluth connections. So hopefully if you're one of those readers, you've linked onto my Denfeld Boy (the moniker ZCO uses for the collection of my writings that focus on growing up in the shadow of Denfeld High School). Click HERE to check out those writings. This months' writing is titled "When Presidents Passed Through the West End." The recent columns are: "Cruisn' Duluth's last Drive-in;" "Lincoln Park, a magical playground and natural wonder;" "West End barber combined religion and grooming;" "West End churches represented many Christian faiths;" and "Where East was East and West was West."

And... while I'm at it, don't forget I still have that book–with a collection of my newspaper columns–for sale on-line and in area bookstores. The holidays are around the corner, I've heard. I've been told it's a great bathroom book or bedside book, a narrative a night etc. Oh yeah, the book is titled, "Cooler Near the Lake." Yup, shameless hawking by me!

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