Monday, August 13, 2012

Looking back on You'll Like My Mother movie filmed in Duluth...

Christa Lawler quoted me in a story she wrote in today's Duluth News Tribune recalling Duluth's movie premiere of You'll Like My Mother, a thriller filmed at Duluth's historic Glensheen mansion on November 4, 1972, nearly forty years ago. (Read her story HERE) You'll Like My Mother, starring Patty Duke, Richard Thomas and Rosemary Murphy, will be screened for the public for the first time on the grounds of the mansion at 7 pm this Wednesday, August 15.

As a reporter for the Duluth News Tribune, I covered the Duluth premiere in 1972 and the quote was from my write-up. Of course there's always more. After the premiere at the NorShor, the Junior League held a reception -- party -- at the Hotel Duluth Ballroom (Greysolon Ballroom now). They tried to get Patty Duke to come to the premiere and party but she couldn't make it. Rosemary Murphy was the only "star" here for the premiere, and she didn't seem too happy about it at the post-screening party. What struck me as funny was that she carried her little dog with her throughout. I met her and she seemed kind of aloof. Meeting hix from the stix wasn't her forte. They recruited a charming Duluthian who had been fairly recently widowed to be her escort -- the late Max Oie. He escorted Murphy and her embraced dog around introducing her to attendees. I noticed Murphy died fairly recently.

Cast and crew frequently ate dinner at the restaurant (either the Black Steer or Zelda–can't remember which it was at the time) now occupied by the India Palace on Superior Street between Third and Fourth Avenues West. At the time it was a full-service restaurant. A few night-side News Tribune staffers -- including me -- used to eat there just about every night. One time exiting the men's room, I just about ran over Patty Duke as she headed for the women's room. Very short, petite woman. Nice tolerant smile at this big galoot almost knocking her over.

One other factoid: Former Mayor Gary Doty got a job as a driver for the movie company. And a fact that can't be corroborated is that Patty and her family rented the home next to the Catholic Diocese of Duluth residence in Eastern Duluth while filming here. My wife recalls this and so do I... but we're not sure on our memory or facts. So if you know, write and let us know.

There are some wonderful pictures and more lore in the Duluth News Tribune Attic–March 2012–about the event. Check it out HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim...
I lived in NC when the movie came out but I made sure to see it and look at good old Duluth!
I also remember the Zelda and the delicious shrimp they served.
Keep up the good blogs!

Pat McClure

Jim Heffernan said...

Thanks for reading, Pat. I loved the Zelda food too!

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the kindness of the waitresses. As a kid, I'd be left in a booth while dad found people, he really wanted to talk to, at the bar. Waitresses would see me slumping and ask questions, offer free kiddie cocktails - with extra cherries, anything to keep a lil kid going. Those waitresses still mean the world to me. Guess the food was pretty great but that's not what is unforgettable
to me ...