Thursday, March 15, 2012

Minnesotans rein...

What do Minnesotans do when they vacation in warm climates during the winter?  They form "Minnesota Clubs" and get together with others hailing from Minnesota and who are all thrilled to enjoy a break from a long and snowbound winter back home.

I joined around 300 Minnesotans at Lu Lu's in Gulf Shores Alabama for the first time to enjoy one of the weekly Minnesota Club breakfast meetings. By the way, no membership is required to join... only that you are from Minnesota. It's a rather strange phenomenon to drive into Lu Lu's parking lot in southern Alabama and find that every single car in the lot sports a Minnesota license plate. 

I was invited to hawk my book, along with other Minnesota authors, in a "Minnesota Author's Day" program at one of the recent breakfast meetings. Of course, I never turn down a fun time... or  an opportunity to sell my book, Cooler Near the Lake. That's Roger from Ely pictured above buying my book. Thanks Roger.... and I had a fun time!  

And now it's time to head north. Rumor has it that the weather in Duluth has been unseasonably warm, with temps near 70 today. And I heard that the temps in Minneapolis might have reached 80 today. Unbelievable!  I guess we don't have to travel south to take a break from winter. 

Stay tuned...


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