Saturday, October 8, 2011

Aha moment: Fight your own battles

Hi Everyone,
I was invited by the Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment people to share my personal "Aha Moment" with the world when they came to Duluth this past August. As many of you know, I steer clear of public speaking whenever I can. Guess it's writing I enjoy... not so much public speaking. My wife encouraged me to accept their invitation and I thought about my "aha moments" of my past and decided I did have something worthy to share. So... here's the video (click HERE)  where I bare my soul to all of you with my personal "Aha Moment: Fight your own battles."

Just in case you've never heard of an "Aha Moment," it's a moment in your life where a light bulb goes on and you "get" something, hopefully something important. To learn more, check out the Mututal of Omaha Aha Moment web site HERE. And while you're at it, check out the other people from Duluth who entered the traveling Airstream trailer video studio that was parked in Duluth's Canal Park for a couple of days this past August HERE.

Now... what was YOUR aha moment?  We want to know....


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
Matter of fact I did go aha not too long ago. Was it earth- shaking, no. Was it in any way history making, nope, not in the slightest. Was my moment of understanding revolutionary in the scope of things, not even close.
My moment happened late on a Sunday afternoon. After having finished the Sunday crossword, the brain figured some down time would be in order. The body in full agreement seconded the motion and began to yaw a bit to the starboard, which became more of a tilt, followed by a lean, then a full free fall culminating with a collision of the head with sofa cushion. As I understand it, I had been making my intentions well known since right after the meeting of brain and body adjourned. I had always thought I snored peacefully during my naps my wife, however, says otherwise.
In what seemed to be an instant later grandpa (me) awoke with a gasp. It was the sound of air rushing out from my lungs as my grandson, who has had a running start from his mom's car in the driveway, pounced on his napping grandpa. I was jerked suddenly awake sputtering and working hard to gain my senses. I grabbed the offender, who was giving his grandpa the best bear hug a four year old can give, and returned it. Like the cartoons of old the light above my head flashed on as I realized, at that moment everything was right with the world.

Erick H

Jim Heffernan said...

Erick, Grandkids do indeed seem to have those powers to make everything all right in the world. Isn't it great as well to allow the brain to meet the body and take a well-deserved snooze on the couch? I seem to take quite a few of those, only in the sitting up position while reading the Times on a lazy day. Always fun to hear from you. Thanks for sharing.