Friday, August 12, 2011

Hampston's Swinging Doors...

"Mischief and mishap figure into Quinlan Michael Hampston's hilarious stories of how a kid who couldn't read grew up to be a man who would write a book."
Printed above is the first line in the web site promoting the book, Swinging Doors by Quinlan Michael Hampston, local boy who makes good. (Hampston is a co-owner of the Downtown Duluth bar, R.T. Quinaln's located downstairs at 220 W. Superior St.) 
Hampston's newly published memoir will officially launch with a book signing affair at R. T. Quinlan's from 4-6 p.m. on Saturday, August 20.  Everyone's invited to this public event.
I've read the book and anyone with an interest in interesting people's lives, especially when they hail from Duluth, will find this very enjoyable reading. I wrote a blurb about the book and I think it tells it all...
Author, Mike Hampston with book in progress
"It's often said that there's a book in everybody. Maybe. But not everybody can write as well as Quinlan Michael Hampston–known by his friends as Mike–or recall details of their lives as vividly as he does in his memoir, Swinging Doors. Here's an unvarnished Duluth life the likes of which you're unlikely to encounter on any other printed page. His unflinching willingness to recount in detail his failures in school, painful marriages, tough careers in baking and bartending along with a  lot of drinking in Duluth's less polite establishments makes compelling reading." Jim Heffernan in advance praise for the book.
To learn more about the book, check it out on the book web site:

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