Friday, May 20, 2011

Lorenzo Music post script...

A comment by Pat, a reader from St. Paul, to the previous post about the book, "Forgotten Duluthians" by David Ouse mentions Lorenzo Music. Jerry Music (later changed his name to Lorenzo Music) and his wife Myrna Johnson Music (later changed Myrna to Henrietta) attended UMD and were college friends of mine.

Lorenzo, who died in Beverly Hills in 2001, led an interesting show business career. Some of you might remember him as the voice of Carlton the Doorman on the old Rhoda TV show and the voice of Garfield the Cat in animated programs.  Lorenzo became a respected writer for comedy programs that included the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Mary Tyler Moore Show and more. He was also known within the show biz community as an outstanding "warm-up" for the live audiences prior to The Mary Tyler Moore Show and as a creative contributor to show business.

Lorenzo regularly returned to Duluth throughout his career and I often met with him over a cup of coffee to bring our lives up to date. His wife, Myrna, was a shirttail relative of mine. To learn more about Lorenzo and his interesting show business life, check out a good link HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Lorenzo Music is the best voice of Garfield. This is his trademark. I cannot even hear the name Lorenzo Music without thinking of Garfield.