Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have yourself a merry little Arbor Day...

By Jim Heffernan

Arbor Day: It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday time...

The snow is falling steadily now as I gaze out my window. Blades of grass are still visible above the snow cover, but they are losing their battle. Off in the distance, on the hillside, evergreens are slowly being flocked in white, providing a festive holiday atmosphere.

And the holidays are just around the corner, of course. You can feel the pace quicken. Arbor Day is on Friday – have you got your shopping done? And with Mother’s Day merchandise on display in the mall stores, can Memorial Day be far behind? Then fishing season. Better sharpen up your ice augur.

Ah yes, and Flag Day, barely six weeks away on June 14 – soon time to break out the Stars and Stripes. Will you be ready? Then Father’s Day right on Flag Day’s heels, followed in turn by festive Fiscal New Year’s Eve on June 30.

The snow is getting deeper now, and the visibility is greatly diminished across the valley near my home. It’s exciting. You find yourself wondering what kind of summer it will be. Will this white wilderness brighten our Independence Day?

It is April 27 in Duluth, Minnesota, and points nearby. Have yourself a merry little Arbor Day.

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