Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful Duluth...

by Travis Chadwick

by Travis Chadwick

by Travis Chadwick
Hi Everyone,
It's getting to be that time of year when I leave the "Cooler Near the Lake" land and head to the land that's "warmer by the ocean" for a short winter break.

I'll be writing my muses here on the blog again soon, only from somewhere that has no snow on the ground. So please visit the blog again soon.

As you know,  we're not snowbirds...just winter vacationers.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing some recent photos of our beautiful Duluth area. The beauty of our area is one of the big reasons for drawing us to stay here most of the year.  These photos above are by Travis Chadwick, the son of a friend and former Duluth News Tribune colleague. He joins the ranks of top notch area photographers (Dennis O'Hara, Tony Rogers, and Scott Tchida) who have been highlighted on this blog. You may have noticed one of Travis Chadwick's shots of the tall ships moored in the harbor pictured on the 2011 wall calendar for the Seaway Port Authority of Duluth. To see more of photos by Travis, check out his web site HERE. Enjoy, Jim

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