Saturday, May 9, 2009

Signs of spring...

Many of you blog subscribers live outside of Duluth and I like to keep you in stride with what is happening where I live. Yes, it's officially spring. But here in Duluth we are just now seeing signs of spring. I've included a couple of pictures below of our rock garden area to demonstrate our current level of spring growth. This area pictured receives full sun and we live "over the hill." (It's different closer by lake Superior.) The hostas are just peeking out of the ground and the lilies are beginning to show some green. Various common shrubs are just now starting to show color and growth. 

We've had a slow start to spring, it seems. Lots of cold weather and not so much sun or rain. The last couple of days were glorious, enough to whet our appetite for what is to come. And then...what comes? A cold spell and no sun. We're patient northerners. But patience is wearing thin right now for most of us. We're hardy folks and we weather change in our climate that helps us to weather change in general.  

But... we need hope right now. So... I have good news that gives us hope. In a trip going south on I-35 yesterday, I discovered that the "green line" hit Hinkely–or a bit south of that community. The natives there said it just hit suddenly yesterday. I read somewhere that at each spring season there is a line of green (where the trees are budding and all is green) that moves at a rate of 15 miles per day northward. If this is true, our "greening up" will hit in about five days. 

So... enjoy your Mother's Day and have hope–signs of spring are here and the "green line" is on the move and heading our way!

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