Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DNT letter to the editor...

Thanks to Michael Harnois for the support and his "letter to the editor" appearing in today's Duluth News Tribune. (The letter may now be read on the DNT web site, "Reader's view: so much ado about Latto, so little about Heffernan.)  Sad to learn, nevertheless, about my friend, Lew Latto and TV/radio personality, Rhonda Grussendor, who  ended long standing and popular radio programs.
"A Balanced coverage?
I'm bumused by the amount of attention the News Tribune paid to the saga of Lew Latto ('Air time is up for the Duluth radio personalities, Latto, Gurssendorf, ' March 27).

I don't recall front-page coverage when the newspaper pulled the plug on columnist Jim Heffernan.

Michael Harnois, Duluth"

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