Monday, December 15, 2008

Help me Rhonda...

I'm a writer, not a performer, OK? Some who write are so at ease speaking in front of folks. Not me. I guess I'm basically shy. My wife says I'm a shy Swede. Our family all did the Myers Briggs tests and I am, of course, an "I" (Introvert). Two in my family members are "E's" (Extrovert) and two of us are "I's" 

I'm bearing my soul to you today to tell a little known fact about how shy I am.  It's hard for me to "be on" and in the spotlight. I like the kind of spotlight where I can hide behind my writing…sort of in the dark. I've turned down offers to speak before groups or appear regularly on TV because–I just can't do it. This book I have out forces me to be in the spotlight a bit, if I am to do what is expected to sell books. There have been newspaper interviews, of course. But I have had to take a big gulp and be in the spotlight as a guest on a couple of radio and TV programs in order to get the word out about the book.

Today I was on the "Help Me Rhonda" show on KDAL radio–610 AM– from 1-2 PM. Honestly, Rhonda Grussendorf did help me–so the name of her program has credibility with me. She is a pro and made me feel so comfortable that I actually enjoyed the interview, despite the fact that I was in the spotlight and on the air. Hope you were listening today. It was fun and she relaxed me enough to get me to tell about some interesting tales of my work at the DNT and a bit of background about the book. You did "Help me, Rhonda!" And so have the other radio and TV personalities who interviewed me. They are all pros and I don't know how they do it! But that doesn't mean that I've changed my ways. Half of my family understands and the other half knows what it is like. Is there any one else out there who understands?  

So…now it's back to hiding behind my writing once again...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Jim, I can feel your worry about public speaking. And I feel it when I have to try to play something solo as on a church organ. It just throws me into a terrible frenzy, knowing that any mistake is MAGNIFIED a thousand percent!

I am enjoying the book my cousin sent me with your comment to me about my new life in California. I watch Duluth's newspaper every morning and am pleased to say I don't miss below zero temps and snow. However, this week's rainstorms have been doozies for us.

I started a blog, too: This is new to me and fun to do! I'll be checking in on yours frequently. Hello to Voula!

Jim Heffernan said...
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Jim Heffernan said...

Thanks for checking the blog and reading the book. Kinda nice to know there are other basically shy folks out there. My wife says hello. She checked out your blog and thinks you're a real blog pro. Beautiful place where you're living, she says. I'll check it out soon to see what you're up to. It's -2 degrees this AM and the warmth and even the rain in Calif. sound good right now. Happy Holidays!